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ZeoTec is growing rapidly. In just the fourth year of our operation we proceeded to the construction of a second factory due to the increase of our turnover. Our innovation combined with the growing need for environmentally friendly products herald the continuation of our upward trajectory.

Working with ZeoTec is a surefire business move. In the context of our continuous expansion, we are looking for people in Greece and abroad who will contribute with their hard work, experience and ideas to the realization of our vision. Our priority is to work with people who understand the unique role that zeolite plays in protecting the environment.

ZeoTec Hellas Group operates with an extroverted philosophy. We seek our activity in even more markets through the expansion of our network of partners and the promotion of our exports. Each ZeoTec partner will be selected after a thorough process and training. Support includes the following features:

  • Access to specialized staff
  • Access to all required licenses and certifications
  • Total and ongoing technical and legislative support
  • Regular and up-to-date training
  • Organization and operation support
  • Printed and audiovisual material

Our main concern is the mutually beneficial and long-term professional relationship. Our collaborations so far worldwide are success stories for us and for our partners.

For more information about the cooperation with ZeoTec contact us at [email protected]

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